For the last few months I’ve been doing Duolingo. It is an app where you can learn different languages. I tried Spanish first but I decided to swap from Spanish to French.


I have unlocked quite a few levels so far and I have completed Animals to get full bars.


You can find Duolingo by pressing this.

Golf tournament


On Monday I won my first golf tournament and because I won I got three golf balls. Then at the end Grandpa gave me a Wentworth hat, a Wentworth golf shirt, and two signed golf balls!

The scoreboard went 4, 5, 6, 7!

Circus Marra


Yesterday I went to Circus Marra. It was a Scout camp and Beavers were allowed to go for the day. The best thing was laser tag, which is a game where you have guns and bits of light comes out and afterwards you can see how many hits you have off the people and how many people you hit.

I enjoyed climbing as well because the wall was high and you had to press a button at the top and I did it! I went to the tuck shop and I bought Tango, a Chomp, a Freddo, and candy floss. That cost £2.00.

It was a bit muddy so we couldn’t go on the water slide but we could go on the event slide. I did the boot camp challenge against my friend and we went in two times and I won both. You had to run and there were circles and you had to try and squeeze past them and then you had to jump over crosses on the floor and then there was a rope swing. After that you had to run up a tunnel and then run down the tunnel and get onto the steps and slide down. Then you were at the other side.

Overall, I enjoyed it except I hurt myself in the laser tag by slipping over.

(as dictated to Daddy)


I made this awesome keep calm and play football post with my dad and it’s awesome.

Click here to see it!




I went to Kielder Observatory yesterday with my Daddy. It was an early birthday present from Granny and Grandpa.

It was a long drive to Kielder and on the way we listened to music from my MP3 player and I played Minecraft on the iPad.

When we arrived it was foggy but not yet dark. As we waited in the car we played Olo on the iPad.

At just before 5pm we went into the Observatory and sat in the classroom. Gary the leader of the Observatory taught us things about space that they have measured. I answered lots of questions.


After that we went to look at both of the telescopes. One was controlled by a computer and the other by hand. With the computer controlled one you could tap ‘Enter’ and it would go wherever you want. I got to have a turn because I answered a question.

They said it was too foggy to look through the telescope.


Mummy bought a torch for me which has four different colours. They are green, red, blue, and white. We had to use the red one while we were at the Observatory.

On the way home we went to McDonald’s!



I watched Home Alone for the first time and I found this!

My fantasy world

Streetview Stereographic

Daddy showed me Streetview Stereographic. We together typed in different big buildings which we know of.

I chose this one because my Daddy liked it and I did want the biggest building in the world but he couldn’t remember the name of it!

Secret seven/famous five


I am reading the Secret Seven. I’ve read nine and I’m on the tenth one. My friend is reading the Famous Five. I hope to read them next. I am looking forward to getting to the end and starting a new one!






At school I am learning about The BFG that stands for The Big Friendly Giant. I saw it in a another Roald Dahl book called Danny the Champion of the World. It is about 10 giants one is the giant that we are talking about now The BFG.